Chinafaces - Alternative sustainable rural China travel to places of historical and natural interest.
New Responsible China offers

Chinafaces provides responsible travel to the heart of Chinese civilization mostly rural. We believe the countryside is where the real China still florishes and is struggling to survive.

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Might it be for Buddhist, Daoist values, or architecture, food, people and scenery we think we can make a significant difference.

We work closely together with several local partners to develop and research new interesting areas like our dessert travel, or the Long March Hikes. Our aim is always to contribute to the sustainable development of small economies en route. Being responsible! Our clients can contribute an amount to educational advancement, child medical care, preservation of relics and water conservation projects in the areas we pass through. We bring individuals or small groups to places of rich cultural and natural heritage hardly visted by other foreigners led by our local experts. These trips, we think, carry significant beauty. We will try to satisfy your travel wishes in an unusual way.
Our team will always be innovating our itineraries so kindly contact us is there is anything we might organise for you regarding unusual alternative travel in China.

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